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> Church Furniture > Wood > York Deluxe Non Stacking Armchair




















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   Standard Prayer         Curved Prayer         Chorister Chair       Seat Level Book Box   Laminated Book Box     Communion Cup      Communion Cup
        Rail                   Rail                                                                                      Holder                  Hole










       Felt Feet                 Rubber Feet         



Price Guide  1 - 9 71.25
10 - 49 70.25
50   68.25

   h          w         d         sh       ah
Code: W100XA                                                                 
Model: York Deluxe Non Stacking Armchair
Arms are fitted to the outside of the frame thus ensuring maximum seat width.
Mortice &  tenon joints.
For optional extras - see images below
For ALL wood optional extras including price guide - CLICK HERE
Delivery  time    4 weeks
Product Detail
Fabric - Available in all fabrics
COC 0.60 mtr
Frame finish shown -  Light Oak finish on Beech wood
See Alternatives York Non Stacking, York Stacking, York Armchair,
York Deluxe Non Stacking, York Deluxe Stacking